Research interest keywords: gender, sexuality, religion, film and media, Malaysia and Indonesia, race and ethnicity, social justice.


Side research interests:

I am also interested in representations of queer identities in Malay and Indonesian literature and film. But the study of representations comes with an unavoidable interrogation into the very theoretical concepts of gender and sexuality that I habitually use. Among the issues I am interested in is the development of a genealogy of gender and sexuality in Malaysia. Is such a genealogy important? Or is that adapting the ‘master’s’ tool of hegemonic thinking into Malaysian contexts?


3 thoughts on “Research

    • Sure, Richard. I think I might’ve left out the bibliography for that essay by accident. Below are details for Stanaeus’s paper:

      Staunaes, D. (2003) Where have all the subjects gone? Bringing together the concepts of
      intersectionality and subjectification, NORA, Vol. 11, No. 2: 101-110.

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